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About Us

family business

Our company was founded in 1990 and is a family business. The amicable atmosphere plays a majpor role in the relationship with our employees and in the processing of customers concers. Our success is reflected in decades of cooperationwith real estate owners and cooperation partners as well as positive feedback from our satisfied customers.

In 2007 we focused entirely on real estate consulting in Vienna, Lower Austria and Burgenland, The majority of the properties we offer are residential properties, i.e. apartments to rent or to buy, houses to buy or to rent, houses at a lake. Our portfolio includes offices, warehouses, commercial properties, land, garages and sometimes whole apartment buildings.

Personal and honest advice is particularly important to us because we want to find  the "perfect match" between interested parties - property - and owners.

team + education

Our team really works as a team,  no one is on their own, the common goal is the best possible property brokerage.  Therefore we work hand in hand to reach this goal. If you cannot reach your contact person, someone wlse will help. The four-eyes principle applies  to very message and every document.

Up-to-date education and above all the bilingualism of our team are also important to us. In addition to professional education, our employess have many years of professional experience  and are therefore practiced in answering  your questions. Bilingualism is relevant as Vienna is an attractive city for  international managers and embassies, but also  for real estate foundations and investors. Our company was one of the first brokerage companies to  create a fully bilingual website (in 2007).

The Viennese is said to be a "grumpy fellow". We try to refute this prejudice!

extended benefits

Our team works with joy and commitment to the goal of supportung our customers int the best possible way. Therefore, we offer additional services (forms, links to relevant brochures, protocols, support at the hand over of a property, ...) and are happy to advise you, even after the contract has been concluded. Do to this apporach we were able to built up a large circle  of constant customers and have access to a large real estate portfolio.

The "quick deal" often brings  long-term trouble.  Therefore we value correct advice, reputable owners and liquid interested parties.


We work with a pool of internationale cooperation partners and local partner companies. In addition to the classic partners such as perperty management companies and foundations, these are relocation companies, insurance brokers, translation agencies, home staging companies, construction companies,etc.

Our customers benefit from this cooperation. On the one hand you receive a wide range of offers from current real estate or buyer´s market from just one contact person and, on the other hand, contacts to relevant companies.

Achieving more together!

we are:

Vera Göllner

  • in the team since 1990
  • expert for search requests
  • support for international customers
  • advice and assessment
  • sale

Mag Susanne Janauer

  • in the team since 2007
  • CEO and owner
  • support for internationel customers
  • advice and assesment
  • sale and rental

Francisca Petersen, BA

  • in the team since 2018
  • your telephone contact with us
  • property photography and video creator
  • rental and sales

Sebastian Lassmann, MA

  • in the team since 2019
  • your viewing contract with us
  • property potography and video creator
  • rental and sale


  • in the team since 2021
  • caretaker
  • footboy (files, keys)
  • property presentation
  •  heartbreaker


Do you like to find out more about us or would you to book a consultation?

Kontaktieren us by phone under 0043 1 8902671 or by e-mail (office@homefinding.at)


Your 4 benefits through our service:

in summary, the advantages of our company can be shown as follows:


familiy business

  • founded in 1990
  • family business
  • since 2007 focus on real estate services
  • honest advice
  • "perfect match": customer - property - owner

additional services

  • from the first contact to the handover
  • explain contracts
  • arrange a handover appointment
  • payment instruction reminder
  • form, protocols
  • photo documentation


  • Up-to-date training
  • bilingualism
  • many years of practical experience 
  • 4-eyes principle
  • Team: everyone works together
  • friendly, helpful


  • international cooperation partners (relocation agencies, moving companies,..)
  • local pertners such as property management companies, foundations,..
  • other service providers such as: insurance agencies, plumbers, constrction companies,..
  • in this way we revceive a wide range of offers of the current real estate and buyer´s market
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