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experience + living environment

Our team has 25 years of experience in helping expats find accomodation. We are aware of the fears, worries and uncertainties, but also the euphoria and enthusiasm of our customers. Each international assignment is a new adventure as each country, culture and language is different.

Austria is a beautiful diverse country and a very good place to live! It is very green, relatively safe from environmental damage, there is social security and health care, a colorful hustle and bustle of different cultures and it is very safe. You can even get to the sea by car in just a few hours: Italy and Croatia are looking forward to your visit! Also skiing and hiking trips to the mountains  are in Austria  and eg. Switzerland and South Tyrol possible at any time. Just try!

The quality of life is always perceived as very good by expats, for many years and again in 2022, according to "The Economist", Vienna was the most liveable city in the world.

Global Liveability Index 2022 Report | Economist Intelligence Unit (eiu.com)


real estate types and their characteristics

Nevertheless, there are often problems when looking for an apartment. Initial information about possible housing options and prices should be provided by HR department or an external relocation agency. We would also be happy to send you information on this.

This initial information can be used to determine whether the options meet the requirements. It should be noted that in Vienna, for example, there are many old buildings (built before 1945). In these, the room layout is not according to international standards "1 bedroom - 1 bathroom" because it is not spatially possible with the historic floorplans. Likewise, there are hardly any dry cellar compartments, bicycle rooms or garages in these houses. Air conditioning systems are installed as standard only in attic apartments. However, in modern buildings these gadgets are available. Residential property prices are higher around metropolitan areas.



apartment search

Once the realistic parameters for the apartment search have been set, the search process starts for our team. We search through the entire housing market and  inquire about available properties from our long-standing partners. As soon as enough suitabke properties are available we can prepare a viewing tour for you. At the end of the tour you should have 1-2 favorites. You then make a binding rental offer for the top-ranked property, which the landlord accepts or rejects within a few days.


handover of the property

Our team accompanies you from the rental offer to the handover of the desired property. In this way we will help you to understand the rental contract, remind you that the deposit and first rent must be in the landlord´s account no lather than  2 days before the handover and set up the handover meeting. During the handover, a handover protocol is set up and photos of the condition and  inventory are taken. We can also provide forms for energy suppliers and the registration form.

 Meldezettel und Ummeldeformular


additional services

If you need additional services such as animal import, car import, kindergarden and school search, driver´s licence transfer, sports facilities search, bank account opening, application for the parking sticker etc. will be taken care of either by our team or by a cooperation partner.



Your 4 advantages through our service:

in summary, the advantages of our company can be shown as follows:


experience + about Austria

  • We are providing services to expats since 25 years.
  • safe country with good healthcare
  • green: many parks and forests
  • high standard of living
  • beautiful lakes
  • by car to the sea: to Italy and Croatia

Home search

  • information on the current prices, market situation
  • old buildings without cellar, bike room, garage and AC
  • individual requirement profile
  • offer of corresponding properties
  • home search tour
  • 1-2 favourites at the end of the tour

Property hand over

  • from the rental offer to the handover of the property
  • explain contracts
  • arrange ahandover date
  • payment instruction reminder
  • hand over document 
  • photo documentation
  • registration form, energy re-registration

Additional services

  • school and kindergarden search
  • car import
  • pet import
  • bank account opening
  • parking sticker,..
  • we are happy to establish contact with our partners


GUIDE FOR EXPATS   I   source: https://www.wien.gv.at/arbeit-wirtschaft/expats.html
GUIDE FOR EXPATS I source: https://www.wien.gv.at/arbeit-wirtschaft/expats.html

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