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We are happy to go the entire way of marketing with you - trust our team!

Here we show you the steps involved in marketing a property. A professional process is very important to us.

Initial position
At the beginning there must be an active decision to market (purchase, rent.
The question of whether selling or renting out the property is not always easy to answer.

The following must be taken into account:

  • circumstances of your own life situation
  • the condition and encimbrances of the property
  • the legal and tax background

>conversations with tax advisors, lawyers and familiy members are therefore often necessary.

10 steps to marketing success

Step 1: Inspection

We usually get to know each other in your property. This gives us a first impression ot the condition of the property, the building, the location and other special features of the property.

>we draw your attention to all the documents that we need for correct marketing.

Step 2: Valuation, broker agreement

After all documents are available (floorplans, energy performance certficate ,..) the correct price must be determined.

  • If the price is set too high, it will take a long time to market.
  • If it set too low, you leave capital behind.

> Mit dem Maklervertrag setzen Sie auf unsere langjährige Erfahrung und Marktkenntnis.

Step 3: improvement, facelift

After pricing, the property sometimes need to be beautified for marketing: This includes: 

  • clearing our
  • coloring
  • cleaning
  • home staging
  • good lighting

> We would be happy to recommand companies that can take out these tasks.

Step 4: photos and videos

Once the property is perfect, we take professional pictures and videos. We use this for exposé, for our website and on social media.

> Visit us on Facebook and Instagram.

Step 5: exposé

We create a representative exposé with professional pictures in German and English. You will then receive a link to the preview. As soon as all errors are corrected or missing information have been added, marketing starts.

> You knwo the property best. We are happy to acceot feedback or corrections.

Step 6: marketing

We start marketing on the leading real estate portals, on our weiste and on social media.

Step 7: viewings

Before the on-site viewings can take place, inquires must be answered and appointments arranged. That is soometimes quite challanging. We are not availabe 24/7 but we try to offer our customers individual viewings on site or online. Mass viewings do not take place.

-> You don't have to be present at the appointments - make better use of your llimited time!

Step 8: binding offers

Interested parties make rentaloffers or purchase offers. These plus additional information will be sent to you as the property owner. A lack of liquidity on the part of intersted parties is a key exclusion criterion.

> We would be happy to help you "read between the lines" and select the best candidate.

Step 9: contract drafts

  • rental contract
    Ideally you have already  a rental agreement.
    >If not, we will send you WKO templates that you can fill out.
  • o purchase contract
    Usually the buyer commissiones the lawyer/ notary of his trust with the drafting of the contract.
    >If desired, we can put you in touch with lawyers, notaries.

-> We accompany you during the contract negotiations.

Step 10: handover

We support you with the handover on site and help you to create a handover protocol, pictures of the condition/ defects, key protocol etc. We are happy to bring registration slips and forms from energy suppliers.

> Please prepare a folder with all the instructions for use.


6 services for you

Do you want to find out more? 
Contact us: Beratungstermin.


pricing + information

The condition of the property plays an important role. You can read a lot from the records, sometimes you have to beautify.


photos, video + exposé 

High quality photos complete the meaningful exposé. We create a video of each property. 



We use portals, social media, our website and cooperation partners to promote the property.



These take place on site or virtually. we do not conduct mass viewings.



Based on binding offers and other documents, we adivse you on who should get your property.



We support you on the day of handover with all matters (protocols, registration forms,..).

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